IHD Holiday Camps

Holiday camps are a great opportunity to get some extra training as your player prepares for the 2 nd half of their season. With IHD we offer a camp combining skill and skating development along with fun scrimmages. Camp participants will learn from our highly skilled coaches while working on critical skills and can play games with fellow program participants!

Each day of our camps will include dryland training, which we believe to be an important part of young athletes’ development. Hockey is an intense sport that requires speed, power, strength, and explosiveness; each player must develop well-rounded athletic skills off the ice that will transfer to success onto the ice. Camp participants will focus on hockey-specific athletic movements designed appropriately for each age group. Players will enjoy boxing, plyometrics, foot speed, strength, conditioning, and core and balance development. Our goal is to develop the complete athlete, both on and off

Here is a link to register: https://www.impact-hockey.com/events/langley-winter-holiday-camp-u9-u15

As this is an IHD program, please contact IHD directly at admin@impacthockeydevelopment.com with any questions.