Spring Hockey

At the core of our business is our Spring Hockey program. We are proud to offer competitive Spring hockey teams to all levels of young athletes looking to extend their hockey seasons beyond the fall and winter season. The Spring Hockey season typically runs from late March to mid June. Spring hockey is development focused with several tournaments mixed in to allow players to compete and showcase the skills they have learned. There is no traditional “league” or playoffs in Spring hockey. Each of our Spring teams have professional coaches, weekly in-season skill development, off-ice workouts, weekly team practices, and 2-4 tournaments and/or team building events.

For the Spring season, BC Lightning typically offers two teams in each birth year, sometimes three depending on registration numbers.


The top team in each age group is labelled BCL Black. BCL Black teams will compete in Elite or AAA tournaments and aim to provide a competitive environment for our players to compete with top teams from Western Canada and North America. These teams require a time commitment of up to 3 hours on ice per week and 1 hour off-ice (U10 and up), as well as three tournament weekends, including one travel event.


The second team in each age group is labelled BCL Silver. BCL Silver teams will compete in AAA or AA tournaments and aim to provide a fun yet competitive experience for the players, without the same level of commitment that would be required of BCL Black teams. Players on our BCL Silver teams typically play other spring sports. These teams require a time commitment of up to 2 hours on ice per week and 1 hour off-ice (U10 and up), as well as three local tournament weekends.


The third team where applicable, is labelled BCL White. BCL White teams will compete in AA or A level tournaments. The focus for these teams is on fun. These teams require a time commitment of up to 2 hours on ice per week and 1 hour bi-weekly off-ice (U10 and up), as well as two to three local tournament weekends.

While each team is selected to compete at these levels our focus is on player development and growth of the athlete in a fun and competitive environment for all of our teams. BC Lightning teams are perennial tournament contenders and championship winners, however we are most proud of providing our players the culture to grow not only as athletes but as people. We aim to foster a culture built on strong work ethic into each of our players. We strive to instill into each player that by relentlessly working hard individually, collectively we can achieve not only our individual goals but our goals as a team.


Beliefs, Values, Purpose, Expectations, Principles, Goals, Attitudes, Practices, Habits, and Thoughts.


“Culture is the root of the BCL program. If we focus on the root, we will get the fruit. If we start to focus on the fruit the roots may die.” - Tim Preston


The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.


“A bad character is like a flat tire; you can’t go anywhere until you change it.”


Strive to gain or win something by establishing superiority over others who are trying to do the same.

“Competitors use their setbacks to set up their biggest comebacks.”


The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.


“Respect the training. Honour the commitment. Cherish the results.”


A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common goals.


“Every successful individual knows that their achievement depends on a community of people working together.”